Spreadshirt DE Upload Automation

Spreadshirt DE Upload Automation

Design Auto Upload

This tool is essential for uploading lots of designs to Spreadshirt DE. Just maintain an Excel spreadsheet with your upload data and leave the rest to the automation tool. Work on your computer as usual while the daily design upload at Spreadshirt DE takes place in the background.

System requirements
  • Windows7/8/10 64-bit
  • Current version of Firefox installed
  • Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable runtime installed
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Unlimited Uploads


  • Simple operation of the program – Just enter your access data and select your source file and the upload can begin
  • Maintain control with Excel file – Maintain only one file with your upload contents – Use standard Excel functions to your advantage (e.g. search and replace)
  • Backgroundupload – Continue working on your computer undisturbed while the Spreadshirt Upload Tool runs in the background.
  • The status window always provides information about the current upload status.