Spreadshirt COM Upload Automation

Spreadshirt COM Upload Automation

Design Auto Upload

If you want to be successful in the T-shirt business, Spreadshirt.com is the place to be. The site is the American counterpart to Spreadshirt.de. Upload your designs to SpreadshirtCOM automatically to save time and money.

System requirements
  • Windows7/8/10 64-bit
  • Current version of Firefox installed
  • Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable runtime installed


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Unlimited Uploads


  • Simple operation of the program – Just enter your access data and select your source file and the upload can begin.
  • Maintain control with Excel file – Maintain only one file with your upload contents – Use standard Excel functions to your advantage (e.g. search and replace)
  • Backgroundupload – Continue working on your computer undisturbed while the Spreadshirt Upload Tool runs in the background.
  • The status window always provides information about the current upload status.